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2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Preview by Mile T Allen

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Faced with the task of calling the YZF-R6 a 2010 model year, Yamaha proceeded to find ways of setting the bike apart from the current selling one both visually and technically, but we have to say that you shouldn't expect major changes from any point of view. The truth is that Yamaha already had a 2009 Daytona 200 winner on their hands, so they focused on little tweaks to make it even more special.

From a machine claimed to be "the most advanced production 600cc motorcycle Yamaha-or anybody else-has ever built," riders are right to expect unmatched performance achieved with innovative features. And the fact is that the 599cc DOHC 16-valve, liquid-cooled titanium-valved four-cylinder engine is both compact and high-revving mainly thanks to the 67.0 x 42.5mm bore and stroke, which translates into a 13.1:1 compression ratio and implicit satisfying throttle response. But is that enough to turn this engine into the blast provider that riders brag so much about?

Certainly not! The interesting part consists in the presence of systems such as the Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) and Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), which turn throttle response into excellent across the very wide powerband. Yamaha's fly-by-wire throttle system also has everything to do with the fact that riders will barely twist the throttle and the exhaust gasses will already go out the now 100mm-longer muffler, which is claimed not to affect engine performance, while significantly reducing exhaust noise and making the new R6 more acoustic relaxing during long rides. How's that for enjoying the benefits of 131 hp at 14,500 rpm and 68 Nm at 6,930 rpm in a more civilized manner?

Yamaha does claim increased performance as a result of revised ECU settings, but they don't talk about figures, so we reckon it all resumes to an even more linear power delivery.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Putting the Perfect Detail on Your Motorcycle by Joe kosoglow

There’s nothing as exhilarating as taking off on your new Harley Davidson. If you made the decision to buy a Harley Davidson, you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the motorcycle, selecting the best model, and even getting trained on how to ride the bike. What you may not have given a lot of thought about is Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and accessories.

The right accessories can enhance your riding and driving experience when on your motorcycle. And, without the right accessories, you may not be as safe as you could be – or as comfortable. What should you consider when it comes to Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts and accessories? Let’s take a look at some of the popular items:

Some people focus on the “look” of the Harley rider. For them, it’s all about the leather. You certainly can buy the leather pants and leather jacket, but from a practical side, that might not be the best fit for you. So what other options should you consider for motorcycle friendly clothing?

The Jacket – Leather jackets may look cool, but they definitely aren’t cool when driving in hot weather. However, there are some great motorcycle jackets that provide warmth when necessary, but are still lightweight. These jackets are durable in light weight ultra-suede with lining that provides warmth. They are comfortable to wear for long rides and provide protection.

The Right Socks – Don’t believe socks can make a difference to your ride? That’s because you’ve never tried these socks. Compression socks are designed for motorcycle riders. These socks keep you blood circulating freely, while wicking away moisture from your boots and feet. You can even find these socks that fit over the knee, with articulated joints that allow your legs to move freely.

The Right Headgear – Sure you know that wearing a helmet will keep you safe, but there are other motorcycle accessories to consider wearing under the helmet. One example is a Balaclava. This head gear keeps your head warm under the helmet without seams rubbing against the scalp.

Boot Straps – There’s a lot of air flowing while you ride. Keep your pant legs firm against your boot with a pair of clips. There are some great designs for boot straps that attach to an elastic band. This band slips under your boot arch and keeps your pant legs straight.

Sometimes your bike needs a few accessories to make it road worthy. Some great examples include:

Motorcycle windshield – Your windshield provides vital protection, but can take a real beating on the road. If you need to replace your windshield, check stock replacement windshield. You’ll get a motorcycle windshield that fits perfectly for your model, keeps you safe, and is scratch resistant.

How about something just for fun? One of the easiest installations is to add a motorcycle flag mount. There are several different types of flag mounts. With these flag mounts you can fly your favorite colors or a patriotic flag.

Look for the right accessories to make your motorcycle experience even more enjoyable. You’ll be the king or queen of the road.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kawasaki Motorcycle: The Eliminator 125 Then and Now

Many motorcycles have been around for many years. The Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle is one of these motorcycles. Many things can happen in the world of motorcycles. Many things did happen and happened to improve the Kawasaki motorcycle. Let's look at how the consumer image of the Kawasaki motorcycle of 2008 has changed since the Kawasaki motorcycle of 1998.

Overall rating of the Kawasaki motorcycle
Taken as a whole, both the 1998 and the 2008 the Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle scored similarly. The top score is 100 and the Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle scored 65.1 and 64.1 respectively. As you can see, it is better then average, which would have been 50, but still on the lower end of better.

Engine performance of the Kawasaki motorcycle
Engine performance in a Kawasaki motorcycle is very important. Engine performance is important in any motorcycle, not just a Kawasaki motorcycle, but it appears that the Kawasaki motorcycle has definitely improved with time. The 1998 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle performed almost 10 points lower, at a 58.7, compared to the 68.2 engine of the 2008 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle.

Reliability and Problem Free Driving of the Kawasaki motorcycle
Unfortunately, the 1998 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle did better in this area. It scored a 68.8, a full four points higher then the 2008 model. It appears then that the 2008 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle is falling in this area.

Fun Factor of the Kawasaki Motorcycle
Fun, fun, fun. Motorcycles are all about fun. So what did consumers think of the Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle? In 1998, it was scored at 70.5, and it improved in 2008 with a score of 71.7. The Kawasaki motorcycle of 2008 is more fun then the 1998 model.

Value of the Kawasaki Motorcycle
Everyone wants a great value for their money, so how did the Kawasaki motorcycle stack up? The 2008 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle was almost ten points higher then the 1998 model. They scored a 78.5 to 68.8 respectively. People definitely think the 2008 is the better deal.

Repair and Maintenance costs of the Kawasaki motorcycle
The maintenance and repair of the 2008 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki Motorcycle is much better in this department beating the 1998 model by nearly 24 points. The 1998 model scored a 58.7 and the 2008 model scored a whopping 82 points. In this respect, the 2008 model is much better on the pockets then the 1998 model.

Design and look of the Kawasaki motorcycle
We all want a bike that looks good, unfortunately, the 1998 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle scored higher. With a 77.2 it beat the with only a 71.7. The looks of the Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle was better 10 years ago according to consumer ratings.

Accident risk of the Kawasaki Motorcycle
Accident risk should be one of the top things of concern to motorcycle owners. Sadly, the 1998 Eliminator 125 Kawasaki motorcycle had more then 10 points higher then the 2008 model. The 1998 model scored 72.2, while the 2008 model scored only 61.4 points.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Why The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Is More Popular Than Ever Before

With more than one hundred years notched on their belt, Harley Davidson is praised with building the best motorcycles on the planet. There is little doubt that they deserve the acclaim.

Arthur Davidson and William Harley dreamed of creating a "motorized bicycle" in their early adulthood. Test models were created and failed miserably, but this never deterred the boys from achieving their goal. Despite early models requiring foot power on hills, Harley and Davidson continued striving to create the "motorized bicycle" that they knew would become a success.

By 1906, the first fifty motorcycles were manufactured. A few years later, they followed with a line of motorcycles for police and military use. Short of a slowdown in the 1970s, Harley Davidson never stopped tweaking and improving their models. Today, Harley Davison produces millions of motorcycles for use on every corner of the world.

The distinct engine roar and loud vibrations through their tailpipes allow onlookers to hear the motorcycle far before it is visible. Listening to the strength of a Harley Davidson engine is an experience few will forget.

Three motorcycle nicknames were established courtesy of Harley Davidson. "Choppers" were born when the angle of the motorcycle's front fork was extended allowing the handlebars to sit further back. "Hogs" became aptly named for the extra room used to transport racing pigs without switching to a larger vehicle. Who said people are the only ones who can ride a Harley? "Harleys" offered a shorter, catchier way to name a motorcycle manufactured by Harley Davidson.

Every March, Harley Davidson takes the Daytona by storm. June brings the Harleys to New England by way of Laconia, New Hampshire. Sturgis, South Dakota becomes a home away from home for many riders every August. Thousands of Harley Davidson's enthusiasts attend these gatherings. Many leave with dreams of having their own bike customized to match what they have seen on other bikes.

In 1983, H.O.G., The Harley Owners Group, formed its first chapter. Today more than 1,000 chapters are in existence and more than one million members share their love of these bikes, whether they own one or not. The devotion to this fine brand is proven, and you do not have to be among the elite to enjoy all there is to Harley Davidson. There are also a slew of online forums and websites devoted to Harley Davidson. Not even Yamaha, BMW, Victory, or Honda come close to having the same fan base.

Even if you cannot afford a Harley, you can still show your enthusiasm for the maker by purchasing items from their merchandise line. All of these items help contribute to Harley Davidson's $5 billion revenue every year. Hey, the advertising helps too! Not that Harley Davidson is hurting for promotion.

Harley Davidson truly is the reigning champion of motorcycle manufacturers. What others strive to achieve in their lifetime, Harley Davidson has conquered.

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Shopping for your Motorcycle Parts Online with less effort

If you are among those who spend most of your day attending to your motorcycles, indeed you are considered to be called a motorcycle enthusiast. These people would exchange their important appointments and dates just to buy more time with their motorcycles. Thats pretty fanatical I guess.
Some people really exert all their efforts in maneuvering their bikes. Some even have treated screws, wedges and other tools like their meals and food for the day. There are some who love motorcycles but only for the means of traveling and easy riding to escape themselves from heavy traffic over big busses, trucks and cars. As you can see, motorcycles are small and can fit on thin spaces in the streets.

Motorcycle lovers care for their bikes like caring for their own selves. They would even spend loads of money for maintenance, upgrades and repairs. For them, buying motorcycle parts is like buying clothes for themselves. I think thats precisely what you call dedication and more like it.
Some purchase motorcycle parts as if they were dressing their motorcycles for a display, some rather for good performance and sound. Upgrading your motorcycles is indeed helpful. Finding new parts with good quality for your motorcycles is keeping up its power and performance. Since it is important, one must carefully be inclined with knowledge in choosing the right parts and brands.

These motorcycle parts can be acquired and purchased in hardware and motorcycle stores. Nowadays, shopping for your motorcycle parts can be purchased online. I can say it can be advantageous to shop online because it requires less work and you dont have to waste efforts from going from one store to another only to find out that the parts you are looking for are unavailable or the stocks are all out.

With shopping online for your motorcycles, you are sure you get the most certain parts your bike needs and it gives you ideas on the price listings and some important information and details. Shopping online for your motorcycle parts gives you other options for varieties of selections. It is also to your advantage because it has wide connections or it is worldwide so dont feel sad if the parts you are vying for are not available in your country. It can still be at your hand without any extra effort.

If you want to upgrade on an extensive level, shop online for a change and plunge in to your motorcycle addictions. It might cause to add a little extra cost but its worth it. You dont have to work yourself way out on the stores. All you need is a computer and let them easily do it for you with no burden at all.

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by Karen Nodalo

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